Fly Management

Objective: To manage houseflies with an integrated approach of proofing measures, mechanical and chemical method in a facility.

Proofing Measures: Recommend customers to install physical barriers like plastic strips, air-curtains, window screens and rubber beading at entry points to prevent entry of flies.

Sanitation: Recommend customers to keep premises clean from stagnating water, unhygienic condition and food spillage to prevent flies from feeding and breeding.

Mechanical Method: Recommend customers to install insect light traps at heavily infested sites, near entry points to the premises. Electronic fly swatters should be used at daily operated sites.

Chemical Method: Pesticide emulsions should be sprayed at breeding and harbourage sites like drains, garbage, waste-bins, water stagnating areas and entry points into the facility. Chemical baits should be placed at flies resting sites which attract and kill flies